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On Line Registration can be found at the following link or from the HOME page and clicking on "LINKS"

NOTE: your Goalline log in ID from last year will not work!
You must create a new account
see below for registration process

If there are any questions regarding the registration process 
please email [email protected]

Respect in Sport Parent Activity Course link:
please email [email protected] to obtain the access code for this course


GMHA FEES FOR 2017-2018
(fees remain unchanged from last year)
Future Stars $300
Initiation & Tyke $400
Novice to Midget/Juvenile $500
GMHA Cash Draw Fundraising $100 (one player)
GMHA Cash Draw Fundraising $150 (two or more players in family)
REP Try out $50
REP Team Fee $150
Family Discount for 3 Players registered $150
Family Discount for 4 Players registered $200

New This Year: Late Registration fee $50 (if register after September 1st 2017)


GMHA Registration Process for 2017-2018 Hockey Season

With the change over from the GOALLINE Website to MBSPORTSWEB Website the process for hockey registration for the upcoming season has slightly changed. 

Please read the following steps to help assist you with registering your child(ren) to play hockey with GMHA.

Click on the link at the top of this page. 

Click on CREATE new account here –  NOTE: your Goalline log in ID from last year will not work! If you have used theHockey Canada Registration system before (ie. If you played in Kingston before) you should be able to use that ID.

Once you have successfully registered you will now be on your own personal home page. Your email address will show in the top left corner. You will see SHOPPING CART and it should say “you have no registrants in your cart for this association”.  Below SHOPPING CART you will see my REGISTRATION HISTORY, click on the tab below this REGISTER A PARTICIPANT.

You will need to complete the information required on this screen that is marked with a *, first name, last name, birth date, gender.  NOTE: you do not need your Hockey ID number. Click on REGISTER.

If your child has played in GMHA there name should pop up. Then click on REGISTER NOW

TIP: Players have been registered according to their name on their birth certificate; short forms generally have not been used, ie. You may call your child Matt but if his birth certificate reads Matthew then it will be under Matthew.  If your child’s name still does not pop up please contact Marilynn Thivierge, GMHA Registrar at [email protected]  for further assistance.

Green box will appear on the next screen “Please choose type of registration you would like for this participant. Complete the screen by clicking on the radio button for  PARTICIPANTS

AGE DIVISION – click on the radio button for your division NOTE: you can only register for the age category based on OMHA age division, ie. If you are a 2010 – you register as Tyke.

Select Registration package. You will then be taken to a new page that has in green “please fill in this information”. You will need to physical address, parent/guardian, contact info, emergency info and hockey position. Everything with a * must be completed. You will not be able to advance in the process if you miss an *. When completed page click on the NEXT button.

Waiver screens – photo/image release – optional to mark as agree; mail out waiver – mark if you DO NOT wish to receive Hometown Hockey magazine; refund policy – is prefilled;  Hockey Canada waiver – agreeing that info provided in accurate; click NEXT to advance to next screen

Fee Screen – in green box will show you the mandatory fees, indicate any optional fees (ie., REP tryout), total will automatically update.  Click REVIEW to review registration

You will know have the option to CHECKOUT or to ADD TO CART.  If you have other children playing click on this button and complete the registration process for subsequent registrants.  NOTE:  You will have to complete all the same steps as the first one, Sorry!

Once you have added all the registrants you can proceed to check out.  IMPORTANT:  you must register and checkout all registrants all at once to get the applicable discounts. If you are registering at different times please contact Marilynn Thivierge(Registrar) or Charlene O’Connor (Treasurer)  at  [email protected]  for assistance.

Registrants are not registered until user goes through checkout successfully. Your entries will remain in the shopping cart even if you log out and come back later.  When you are ready to register click button. Choose payment schedule option: pay in full or pay later.  NOTE: if you select “pay later” then the initial payment (per player), based on the month you register,  will come out the day you register, the subsequent staggered payments will all come out on the FIRST of each month.  So, for example, if you register two player with no REP tryout fee in May your total cost will be $1150 (2x $500 registration, $150 fundraising), $300 (initial payment of $150 x 2) will come out that day and $170 will come out on the first of each month starting June and ending October (5 payments).  If you register two players with no REP tryout fee in June your total cost will still be $1150, but $400 (initial payment of $200 x2) will come out that day and $187.50 will come out the first of the month starting July and ending October (4 payments).

If you choose the staggered payment option you will be taken to a screen to input your credit card (Visa or Mastercard)  or visa debit card information (at this time Mastercard debit is not accepted)information.

At successful completion you will get a message “Thank you for registering”.

Finally, you will be forwarded, to your email address, a receipt for confirmation.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this process please contact either Marilynn or Charlene at [email protected]  Please remember this process is new for us this year as well so we may experience a few growing pains at first.


Thank you ,

2017-2018 GMHA Executive

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