Mission & Vision (Gananoque Minor Hockey)

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GMHA's aims and objectives .....

To provide an opportunity for those within the GMHA boundary as set down in this Constitution.

To learn and play organized hockey according to the OMHA rules and regulations. (Providing facilities are available).

To instill in the players certain ideals, to play fairly under all circumstances and all conditions, to give opponents a fair chance and not take unfair advantage of others

To win modestly and accept defeat gracefully, to give credit to the team that wins, not to question or dispute the referees decision.

To co-operate and work with the ruling bodies of other Centres, within the Town of Gananoque and surrounding Zone.

To promote, encourage and govern minor hockey (U18 and below) hockey within our boundaries, as set down by this Constitution.

To protect the mutual interest of its members. 

To sponsor and promote such athletic, social and any other activity, as may contribute to the finances of the organization.