Major Novice (U9) changes to FULL ICE today!, News (Gananoque Minor Hockey)

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Jan 15, 2020 | Aministration | 757 views
Major Novice (U9) changes to FULL ICE today!
Today is the day! Since the start of the season, players have been focusing on developing the basic skills of hockey through increased playing time and puck touches on a half-ice playing surface. Now, Major Novice (U9) players can transition to a full-ice playing surface for their practices and games. Major Novice (U9) teams can also participate in full-ice tournaments.

With the transition to full-ice comes changes to how the game structure will be called. Offsides and icings will be called by the officials as well as penalties.

The coaches responsibility remains to develop all players to contribute to the outcome of a game, regardless of skill or ability. Fair and as close to equal ice time should be given to every player on the team, including on special teams and end of game situations.


Before January 15 After January 15
Ice Surface Size Half-Ice Full-Ice
Game Format 4 vs. 4 5 vs. 5
Nets Small or Regulation Regulation
Shift Length Timed/Buzzer Regulation
Number of Officials 1 or 2 2
Face-offs Start Game Regulation
Offside and Icing No Regulation
Penalties Yes - Modified Regulation
Score No Regulation
Standings No Regulation
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